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November 2008

Ambient advertisment created by Leo Burnett, Hungary for Coca-Cola Zero, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director: Peter Tordai
Executive creative director: Vilmos Farkas
Art Directors: Miklos Voros, Matyas Kobor
Copywriter: Linda Zador
Client services director: Bela Szabo
Account Director: Marta Dorgai
Account Executives: Aniko Koger, Brigitta Szabo
Account Assistant: Marton Harsanyi

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Doesn't even make sense. The game wouldn't work, proving your tag incorrect.

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Why not? Of course it would.

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Lately these days you can find a lot of unusable stuff in the market, maybe because they want to be in the "wtf!" section at some blog of mayor news paper, but indeed these one would no work at all because you have to spend most of the waiting for the ball to be on your site in the worst case scenario, and the most important, football table its suppose to be a two-person game, i don't think a threesome would make a pretty good impact there.

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Forced and stupid connection between product and brand.

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missed my turn
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Yeah, what a weak-ass connection. If coke zero is possible, anything is possible. Wow, I mean, I guess.

Oh, and by the way, it's foosball. Not football.

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It's foosball on your side of the atlantic but "Table Football" almost everywhere else.

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Nice and it follows the creative platform perfectly.. "Anything is Possible"

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I like the this soccer table – but I am asking my self how you score and how you use the result?

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Just gamble instead.

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Diving Bell But...

3 teams of 2 players each (Defence/Attack)
2 balls.
Whoever scores the most and concedes the least wins.
Each Goalie defends their goal on 2 fronts.
Each striker has a choice of 2 goals.
Could be fun.
I'd make the triangle in the middle smaller tho.

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where is the connection to the product? lame

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"Anything is Possible" = "impossible is nothing" ... how much did they pay to say the same thing but write it diferent.

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bad execution.
why did they forget the goalkeeper in the illustration.

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wheres the goalie???


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seems VERY easy to score on this one

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Here , the case study from Coca Zero Foosball