Coca-Cola: The Happy Flag

Coca-Cola is spreading happiness with a hidden flag. Denmark has been named the happiest country in the world in several global surveys with the latest by the UN. So it was a remarkable discovery to find the Danish flag hidden in the Coca-Cola logo.

McCann decided to take this discovery to Denmark’s biggest airport where it’s a tradition to welcome people with flags. But not everyone brings one and the welcome isn’t as big and happy as it could be. That's why McCann created a special poster where people could take flags straight from the Coca-Cola logo. This gave everyone the chance to create a happy welcome to the world’s happiest country.

Advertising Agency: McCann, Copenhagen, Denmark
Chief Creative Officer: Miguel Bemfica
Executive Create Director: Lee Tan
Creative Director: Mads Ohrt
Art Directors: Eva Wallmark, Michal Sitkiewicz, Gabriel Miller
Copywriters: Rickard Beskow, Gabriel Miller
Account Supervisors: Andrei Kaigorodov, Morten Ingemann
Producer: Catherine Lee
Other credits: Søren Albrechtsen

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pretty sweet

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Bill Me Now
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nice nice nice!

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Pure genius!

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clever !!

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The way they have connected Denmark's flag with Coke is innovating...really connects with people!

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just perfect!

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This is my kind of thing! Love it.

^ ^

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Chidi Lawrence
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Coca Cola has never reneged on its creativity for years. Nice one


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I like it, but what about the ads for Indonesia, Monaco, Poland, Peru and Austria? Their flags are also in the original logo...

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Nice. Very clever.

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