Coca-Cola Portugal: Rivalry Wallet

Advertising Agency: O escritório, Portugal
Creative Director: Nuno Jerónimo
Executive Manager: Tiago Canas Mendes

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It's a bizaare situation. A wallet belonging to a rival supporter.

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Done, and i think also by coca cola!

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Know what, I'm not caring if this has already been done, this is wonderful. Because:

1) For the 'honest' people who bring the wallet back, they immediately get an overwhelming reward - the positive approval of a crowd of their *peers* - strangers on the same team, and get a bottle of coke thrust into their hands, "go on, drink it, now, quick, so your brain makes a concrete link between this huge endorphin overload and the taste of this bottle."

2) For the crowd at the match, they get to see that they're on the right team, full of honest people, rewarded for their honesty by wellbeing and Coke - conflated into one and the same by the wonders of positive reinforcement.

3) This is a psychologist's wet dream: a superb example of social engineering and manipulation.

Flawless marketing, and totally sickening at the same time.

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Who care done before or not. Its wonderful, and the insight is pretty strong. I like it so much.

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Did the other five percent go to the match as well??

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The other five drink Pepsi.

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would NEVER EVER had worked in Istanbul Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce!!!!
They would've pissed in the wallet. at the store. in front of all people. and everybody would be proud of the pisser pissing on the enemies ticket!

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How can you tell it doesn't matter when coca cola did the same thing not so long ago ?!

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Lawson Hembree
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Great way to associate your brand with doing good, rewarding honesty, etc.

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Done 7 months ago

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Doing Good!

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