Coca-Cola: New grip bottle

Challenge: Let people know about how the new Coca-Cola Grip Bottle has a better grip for holding. Solution: Posters printed on Velcro were placed in bus shelters in Paris to make people interact with the grip.
Results: People literally hooked to the campaign. On the whole, a 3.8% brand volume growth in France compared to 2007.

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Executive Creative Directors: Anne de Maupeou, Frédéric Témin
Creative Directors: Anne de Maupeou, Frederic Temin
Art Director / Copywriter: Souen Le Van
Copywriter / Art Director: Sergio Alonso

April 2009


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The old lady seems angry

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That is quality.

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my favorite type of "advertising" one tat gets people to be part of the message/ad

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hey Ivan, this is the first time i have com acros so many cool ads one after the other.
thanks a lot man!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Juan Cabral
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I would hate this poster if my clothes got stuck at it.

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And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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i guess many of us would


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Jaap Grolleman
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I'm really curious how sticky this is. It all stands or falls with that. I'd be pissed of it either damages my cloths or leaves it sticky. If not, bravo!

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ça fait du bien de voir enfin une idée, une vrai!!!

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ah oui je me souviens, ça n'a pas chopé à Cannes cette année?
c'est simple et efficace

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J Designer
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this would piss me off if i got stuck. it will pull up bits of my clothes making them look rough

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Sydney based jake
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Funny idea but I'm not certain that I would purchase this based on gripping action, especially if an article of my clothing were snagged on the velcro.

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great great way of advertising

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simply genius °_° i love it.

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Great idea.

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I like the ad. If I got stuck to it I would think it were quite funny. Although, I don't know how well a new grip on the bottle works as a differentiating factor.

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it gets noticed all right, but it's doubtful that the reaction is positive. Just because it's smart doesn't mean that it's a good idea. I'd be pissed off if my clothes get ruined because of a dumb velcro poster, wouldn't you? I'll be damned if i don't go and get a Pepsi. Overall an original idea, but it could only create negative attitude toward the product. Besides, it'd be more relevant with clothing, a new backpack strapping system or a velcro ad, than a new Coke bottle design, somehow it just doesn't add up.

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Hahaha this one can definitely leave people an unforgetable impression, great

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