Coca-Cola: Happiness Machine

The new Coca-Cola Happiness Machine took place in a bus shelter in Uppsala, Sweden on a cold and dark afternoon in December with 185 days of midsummer. The people at the bus stop were filmed without their knowledge in order to capture their reactions when we shared summer happiness in the middle of the dark and cold winter. The Coke vending machine lights up and catches the attention of the people waiting for the bus. Seconds after that an projection of a Swedish summer meadow was shown, heating lamps, audio from singing birds, an artificial sun and projections of beautiful growing flowers on the ground appeared. This is part of the campaign #ReasonstoBelieve that has been going on since Christmas where life's bright spots is lifted and recalls all the positive things we have around us.

Advertising Agency: IUM, Stockholm, Sweden
Account Manager: Patric Carlsson
Creative Director: Carl Asp
Digital & Contant: Daniel Silander
OOH Planning: Jimmy Öster
Published: January 2014


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now that is just cute.

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Cute execution... but I wouldn't want a cold Coke on a cold night.

See how they stuck the hashtag in there just so they can submit it to digital and mobile award show categories, even though it nothing to do with anything... take note ad students!

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I like it, but I agree with you

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It made me happiiiee!!

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ok and then?

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Nice concept + execution. Good job.

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