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Wonder if anyone would get it...

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i think they would...this is great!

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typo sucks big time........

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I assume you meant typography... I would give them a little leeway since they are designing a reflection...

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but what does the line have to do with the reflection?

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ashland's right, now i got it.
this whole procedure just seems strange to me as i prefer my beer with a nice little head on it instead of a flat one.

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Innovative idea but the line doesnt pay off the idea correctly. Theres something great potentially here, but the fact that guiness is dark and pours slow has nothing to do with placing the beer on a coaster when you are drinking it.

If it had a message related to time to refill, or celebrating that its a fulll glass of guiness, then it relates to the placement a whole lot more.

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its probably harder to read it while the guiness is cascading...

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very good point... Not sure how effective that approach is though, its not something that takes that long, and its something very difficult to notice.

At best most people would notice it after half a glass, which is what would make the payoff after a refill that much more brilliant ;)

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actually...i forgot all about the half glass thing...and now that i think of it...thats what the tag comes from. to correctly pour a guiness your supposed to pour the first half...let it cascade...then fill the pint the rest of the way...'good things come to those who wait.'

makes a little more sense now...although ive never had somebody put my guiness on a coaster between pours, they usually just let it rest under the that doesnt really makes much more sense afterall.

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..and who always keeps their pint in the same spot?

this really isnt that clever

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There is some smart thinking there.

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It's pretty straightforward. While you're waiting for your pint to arrive, you struggle to read the message. Once it arrives, you get the payoff in the reflection. Therefore: good things (the payoff) come to those who wait (for their Guinness).

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I agree with Slim. Its easy and it makes sense for Guinness.

I think it quite a lowely little thing for Guinness.

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This is a cool idea that would get word-of-mouth publicity in pubs. It might even get some people to buy a Guiness just to test it out. It is a novel idea and I doubt it cost Guiness much to produce.

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whoever thought of it.. gr8 wrk buddy

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Oahhhhh...coool, i almost missed the big idea. Thanx ashlands...

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It's pretty simple for anyone who's had a Guinness, or knows how Guinness pours ...
You don't drink the Guinness until it's stopped cascading.
While you wait for that, the text slowly appears.

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we know...the only problem with it is that the text would appear in reverse order...woulda been nice if they could have solved that issue somehow...

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Sway Rose
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it's grat, it took me a while though.

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it's great and makes me smile...