Claro: Elevator

Advertising Agency: Gruponove Comunicação, Brazil
Creative Director: Fernando Lima
Art Director: Roberto Bruno
Copywriter: Leonardo Parnes

October 2008


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done by oreo, recently posted on aotw if i recall

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yep, oreo did it. a cookie dunks into glass of milk.

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good observation.


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No connection at all.

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This one does feel like a bit more of a stretch than the Oreo one, but it still looks like it was pretty effective. It would have been nice to see it from another angle, tho.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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yeah, posted on the wrong website, sorry guys. Oreo came first and better.

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Luiza Lucky
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I happen to live in the city where this lift is placed, and I must say the results are amazing. Everybody buzzes about it. Though Oreo came first and with a better concept, this ad is really effective.
I agree with TheAdMad... this media is interesting and should be used again.
My only regards towards it are that the ad makes sense only when the mobile is reaching the hand... but what about the lift coming up and taking the phone away? I just don't get it.
Maybe if the used a pocket instead of the hand...

Falomovei \m/

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you can't even speak english... what are you talking about?

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