Wi-Fi Poster

March 2013
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CJ Entertainment is the largest film distributor in South Korea. Much of their huge marketing budget was being spent on massive poster campaigns targeted at young moviegoers, but conventional posters seemed to have little, if any, effect on the choices of the smartphone generation. The client did not request changes to our media plan. There was no need to, since all we needed to do was install Wi-Fi devices on the existing poster billboards. We also made sure the new campaign was hassle free. Unlike advertisements with QR codes that require the consumer to first download a mobile app then scan the code, the Wi-Fi poster connected the poster to the mobile device by simply tapping the Wi-Fi network menu. The name of the Wi-Fi network matched the film’s title, and tapping that name opened a pop-up with links to Full HD trailers, promotional events and online box offices.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Seoul, South Korea
Chief Creative Officer: Jeongkeun Yoo
Executive Creative Director: Thomas Hongtack Kim
Creative Director: Yongmin Seo
Art Director: Seokjin Shin
Copywriter: Songha Lee
Account Executives: Sungwook Kang, Hyungwoon Kim, Sumin Han
Media Planners: Jinju Lee, Jaewon Lee
Engineers: Yunho Choi, Sejun Jeong, Chungyo Ha / Opener, Hyuncheol Cho / H9works

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