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Great bit of thinking.

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Good concept. I'm just wondering if people in Europe will still notice this kind of "destruction" advertising, so much public property is being demolished all the time by all kinds of hooligans that you won't even notice a campaign like this.

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Guest commenter


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100% "Photoshopped"

Psycho's picture

How do you see it is Photoshopped? It looks very real to me...

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Photoshopped? come on guys, the wood is as real as it gets, the only strange thing, is whatever they used to stick the paper the the wood, zoom in, what is that?

M b's picture
M b

The stuff around the paper is plastic, they plastified the paper to survife rain. To stick it against the wood they used SUPER-GLUE because normal glue isn't strong enough to fight the massive winds that are coming!

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I would have stapled it to the wood as you would in a storm situation...


I think, therefore... yeah.

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I thought the idea was for it to look like the winds had blown it there

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the concept and desing is very nice.... congratulation

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Bundy Agency
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Its photoshoped

you can tell by the perspective of the wood, it doesn't match that of the metrolite
and the wood/paper are far brighter than the metrolite, different lighting conditions

its an ok idea and its ok to photoshop, just don't try and pass it off as real work

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Execution? uh uh.



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Maybe the wood and the wind-blown notice is together one image, pasted on a board. Nice Ad. Good thinking.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Guest commenter

Its NOT photoshopped! I´ve seen it. As real as it gets. Nice work.

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To all the people whining about it being Photoshopped: DUH OF COURSE IT IS. Even if the wood is real, the sign pasted on it is Photoshopped or Illustrator-ed.

Virtually all advertisements produced today have undergone some form of digital enhancement to various degrees, so whats the bloody big deal with all the whining.

If you think that dismissing an ad as being photoshopped makes you look smart, think again. Stating the obvious isn't smart.

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