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Top class job,
Sri lankan creativity at it best

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I don't really care for the art direction. Nor writing, for that matter.
But the gimmick they came up with is just right on. It's pretty rare that we see a direct mail piece with this level of creativity.
This just might land some hardware at the awards shows somewhere..

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yep! this is a good job done.

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Love it.. its simply good.

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please explain?

sorry, I want to get it but I've had a few of beers and my brain is anaesthetised

or something

I think

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It's a simple invitation card with a sleeve. The sleeve has the image of a computer interface with die-cut windows where the loading bar rectangles are. The inside of the sleeve is dark blue. When you pull out the card from inside the sleeve, it looks like the loading bar is filling up.

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It's an invitation. It's much easier to understand when you have it in your hands.

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I like it... But the concept done before... :(

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Something is missing here. The OK button with the pointer on it...
Not sure but may be the spot where you put your thumb to pull-out the card, the OK button could have been there.


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Good point with the button! Still, I haven't seen this before and I really like it.

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nice to see some DM here, should there not be a DM section rather than putting it under ambient. DM is far from ambient.

Quite a nice, quick concept. Does the job and I'm sure it'll tickle the corporates fancy

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i love the loading bar idea. the execution isn't that great...

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Great idea. Well done lankans.

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Kewl gimmick. Nice idea... Perhaps struck some "why don't I think of that"... Good verk Sri Lankans...

Trying to retire ad-man

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i loved the idea but when it come to ambient advt. the biggest question that comes to my mind is production on a larger level.. such visiting cards can cost a hell if the client actually goes for print.

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Radoslav Minchev
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Hi level.. Great :))

not freedom like a shopping card

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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