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ok, do movies theaters still have curtains in front of their screens before the movie starts?...maybe in austria they do...none of the ones i go to have em...either way, i dont know if i like this or not...would this really impress me if i had seen it at the movies?..would i care?...

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To be honest, even after reading the brief, I think the majority of people would just think the projector kid screwed up and left the curtains open instead of associating them with wrinkles.

Using movie theaters to reach 40 year old women, a medium that is typically associated with the 13-35 demographic, this seems like a miss to me.

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Guest star

i agree!

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I do know some movie theaters which still have curtains. And there are cinemas showing movies the target audience will watch. Therefore, in my opinion, this one works well with the line.

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Have Heart
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I like it.

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It's absolutely brilliant... I can't believe poeple are tearing it apart. Well done guys, awesome use of the media.

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