Christina Aguilera Perfumes: Hangers

Sometimes it's all you need to wear.

Advertising Agency: Mizbala, Tel-Aviv Yafo, Israel
Creative Director: Guy Dayan
VP Marketing: Nisso Larden
Copywriter: Dori Ben Israel
Art Directors: Liat Abad, Lucy Glazen
Photography & Post: Guy Raz, Tomer Kraus
Account Manager: Shani Cohen
Production: Tal Meir, Eliav Mendelson
Released: January 2009


Nanel's picture
283 pencils

very nice

maashookshee's picture
414 pencils

smart one .. respect

sneakyhands's picture
1857 pencils

wow, a perfume with a concept. not bad. this sure beats the trippy incandescent bubbles.

BFB's picture
938 pencils

Nice perfume concept and execution.
I remember seeing this on youtube.


ninjak's picture
76 pencils

wow a smart perfume ambient ad!! good one!!

Copydog's picture
129 pencils

Smart. But it would be much much better if it would be positioned (also) in cloth stores...

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Copydog's picture
129 pencils

What about clothing stores like fashion shops & butics ? It doesn´t look as nice as it should on the sox or on the shopping cart...

Lecter Lecaros's picture
Lecter Lecaros
564 pencils

really good work, congratulations to Tel-Aviv

anotheropinion's picture
132 pencils

This one feels a bit too easy. Just a hanger? Not enough for me. Sorry.

JAG's picture
166 pencils

A beautiful hanger with a stylish logo, and a sample of perfume, too! I would LOVE to come across an ad like this. Very clever!

bottleHeD's picture
84 pencils

I'm just wondering, would this kinda thing be construed as vandalism, or maybe littering, if the hangers remained around for a longer period of time? Or do they take permission from the concerned authorities before executing?

Waqqas's picture
42 pencils

Sometimes it's all you need to wear ...?
Well, plus the clothes, plus the shoes, plus the skin-care products, plus the wrist watch, plus the rest ... most of us wear all those items because we actually 'need' to wear it.
The idea could have been better. Something like: "What remains to be worn is ..."

The execution, however, is bold. But, it reached out to 150'000? "sold within one week"? ... sounds too superficial as claims. And coming from Israel's media, I'd say, doubly so.

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Amazing, even after so long.

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