Choro Jazz: Seashell Jazz

CHORO JAZZ is a music festival held in Ceará who has joined the list of the most important musical events of Brazil and the world, part of the European Forum Of Worldwide Music Festivals. To promote the 2012 edition of this Festival, Íntegra created "Seashell jazz": seashells equipped with a specially produced mini sound system. Scattered alongside the main and busiest beaches of Fortaleza/CE, one of the places where the event takes place, the shells provoked the curiosity of passers by. By doing the typical gesture of one who puts the shell in the ear to listen to the noise of the sea, people were surprised by the sound that is part of the Festival program.

Advertising Agency: Íntegra, Fortaleza, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Paulo Fraga
Creative Directors: Lauro Marcus, Gesse Colares
Art Directors: Lauro Marcus, Gesse Colares, Malu Lima
Copywriters: Bruno Fontenelle, Paulo Fraga
Production: Aaarte Filmes
Published: February 2013


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I love the idea.

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great idea!!

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Nike Diesel
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Cool idea, but the case video should be waaaaaay shorter.

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C'mon man, it's jaaaaazzzz!!!


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