May 2007
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JWT devised a simple and low cost solution in order to reach Think Centre's target of financially independent adults at a time when they would be most motivated to react. The idea was to grab the attention of diners in restaurants during Chinese New Year, a period of great feasting and celebration. 650 specially commissioned chopsticks packs were placed at tables all around the country. When the diners opened the pack in order to tuck into their food, they found that one of the chopsticks was broken. Attached to it was the message, 'Landmine victims find it difficult to feed themselves', with a website to visit to make a donation.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Singapore

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Strip. Strip. Strip.

Why do landmine victims find it difficult to feed themselves? Sorry I can't eat, I can sit at a table with both hands able, but I can't feed myself? The thought isn't complete / full circle.