China Environmental Protection Foundation: T-shirt

Brief: It is difficult to imagine what a growing rate of destructions the earth's ozone layer is now undertaking, the hole area of ozone layer has exceeded the total land area in Europe! We need to get everybody a clear understanding for all the serious consequences of damage to the ozone layer. Let everyone be well aware of the destruction of the ozone layer is in the not too distant future.

Solution: The loss of the ozone layer will result in strong ultraviolet radiation skin burning or even causing skin cancer and other illnesses. So we create a special T-shirt to demonstrate the harm to the human body caused by ozone layer loss.

Idea: By showing the real effect of cloth and skin getting charred by ultraviolet radiation on a white T-shirt, so as to warn people: Disappearance rate of ozone layer is accelerating now, the skin charred is just around the corner! It is a pressing task to protect the ozone layer!


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also inform people that how to protect ozone layer...!!! then it becomes compete..

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Yikes. Now I really have a tattoo with Chinese words I don't understand.

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