China Environmental Protection Foundation: Sign

Brief: Over use of automobiles as a key mode of transport and the fact that people are driving more and more in their daily lives has led to temperature increase, heavy air pollution and other global environmental crisis. We need to deliver a message to drivers that ‘over reliance on car travel’ is one of the main causes of serious damage to nature and the environment.

Solution: One of the most obvious results of the global ecological crisis is that the animals are losing their natural habitats. Therefore our solution was built around the concept of animals losing their homes, and we created an idea that was relevant to the driver, advocating ‘Low carbon travel. Don’t be a predator to ecology.’
Location / Scale: We selected parking spaces and signs, printed the signs with images of a variety of animals whose living space has been destroyed, and made the ground of the parking area into a reconstruction of the animals’ home. When people park their cars, they are invading the animals’ home and driving them away, causing the animals to lose their homes and living space. With the help of this set-up, we help every driver clearly understand the harm caused by driving, and thereby highlighting our message of ‘Low carbon travel. Don’t be a predator to ecology’
Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Beijing, China
Creative Directors: LiangYue, ArchiveLi, SamSun
Art Directors: LiGang, RichardWang
Copywriters: SunFengTao, SuzieRan
Photographer: QuanJing

June, 2011


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They don't look like parking spaces, and even still, it's convoluted.

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I think it works, but a bit complicated indeed.

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Working too hard.

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wowwwwwww... low carbon travel~~ got your idea! :-)

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difficult to implement

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yes,got it,but how to do that? maybe need something else.....

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good idea, but bad execution!

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