December 2012
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Brief : A lot of public smoking areas are set in the commercial-office buildings, we need to explicitly warn the smokers who gather in the public smoking area that “Smoking is harmful to our health”, aiming at reducing their smoking frequency, cleaning air environment, also protecting the life safety of the public as well.

Solution : Lung cancer, heart disease and the baby’s congenital mental retardation, malformations are all evil consequences due to smoking behaviors. So in this way we combine the state of human organ lesions with the smokers’ real actions, carrying out intuitive visual connections and presentations in order to achieve the vigilant effect.

Idea : With the creative flat of the ashtrays in the public smoking area, we made X-rays of lungs into hollowing boards, and integrate them with ashtrays. With every time the action actually occurred between the smokers and ashtrays, we continuously deliver alert messages: ” Cigarettes, are not only being put here, but also in your own lungs – Cancer, which is thrown in your body on your own. ”

Effect : During the time of presenting, 30% of the smokers extinguished their cigarettes, the number of smokers has fallen by 60% overall.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Beijing, China
Creative Directors: Archive Li, Sun Jing
Art Director: Li Gang
Copywriters: Archive Li, Sun Jing

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Good idea but can't someone hire a good translator just to write the text?