December 2010
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Every year Chinese consumes 45 billion pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks which equal around 25 million trees. We recycle over 30 thousand used disposable wooden chopsticks from restaurants all over Shanghai. Wash them, process and collage them into a 5-meter-high-chopstick-tree, we then break it down in the middle and then display the piece in the busiest district. Through the fallen chopstick-tree, we alert the people that the use of disposable wooden chopsticks means the destruction of large numbers of trees.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Michael Dee , Shihyen Lee
Associate Creative Director: Lim Boon Seng
Art Directors: Lim Boon Seng ,Michael Ma
Copywriters: Hesky Lu, Adam Wang
Photographer: Leslie Sim
Agency Executive Producer: George Ooi
Executive Producer: Sean Chen
Line Producer: Eugenia Zhen
Production Art Director: Lin Tao

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If people would put them in the proper receptacles/centers in order to recycle them, then yes, in many places they would be recycleable. However, where I am for example, if one does not take the time to separate their recycleables from their "garbage", it goes straight to the dump. There is no sorting in between.

Even more sadly, several items that are actually recycleable are not accepted in recycling bins here, like glass. Also, due to fluctuations in markets, materials may not always be accepted.