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andrej dwin
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oh, another ad telling us that chilli (or tabasco sauce or whatever) is spicy.
how novel a message!

to be fair, I like the idea a lot, but I'm just too tired of ads saying things noone really needs to hear or cares about (or do you pick the mexican restaurant serving the most spicy chillis?)

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oh, that's really nice.
the execution is new, i like it a lot!

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mmm.. just a thought...
so this lighter is given out in the restaurant??
wats that point of telling people that the food in the restaurant is hot when they are there to eat...

to me it's more like when u see your colleague in the washroom,
and you ask him "hey, u're going to the washroom..."

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2nd gayest

hey birdy. i think it's more like you're going to a gay bar without taking a sh*t before:
avoidable but in the end, people will like it.
btw, see you next weekend at the ShlonkaLonka?

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why only the women are hot ????

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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I think there´s a guy upside down like farting ;)

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Hey I have an idea... the tabasco is so hot that fire comes out of your mouth.
-wow! thats cool. lets go someke a cigarete and think about it.

and thats how they came up with the ad.

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Cute, but obvious.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Hello? It's a chilli restaurant. What other usp should they have pursued instead? As a fun little promotional device to get people to remember their restaurant with a smile, it'll work well.

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*peace no war*

what i think is that this piece of "souvenir" does not work here...
it might be better to give out as a direct mailer out of the restaurant.. not being distribute in the place itself..
if this restaurant serve real hot spicy stuff.. u dont need this lighters after they eaten..
and.. would a non smoker carry a lighter with them??
how many non smoker here carry a lighter with u because the light got an interesting design??
or the restaurant is ready to see their customers throw the lighter away after that smile??

slim's picture
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If non-smokers won't carry lighters regardless of their design, why would they work as DM and not POP? I get your point that advertising on lighters reduces your potential audience, but if it fits the idea well (as it does here) it will still get the message across effectively, if temporarily.
Anyway, I don't smoke, but I still like carrying a lighter. You never know when a little flame will come in handy.

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i think it myt work.
might place the brand in the mind of the consumers.
but yeah....will only the gals find the food chilly?

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pardon? i don't understand what you're saying.

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ESTO podria ganar facilmente unos condor de oro en Ecuador, y no esas ideas copiadas (como siempre) que ganaron en el 2007.

ESTO si esta "Del putas"!

No hay tiempo to lose!

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Javier Ramírez
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johnromero, deja de darle tanto palo al Cóndor...los trapos sucios se lavan en casa man...y disculpa que te diga, pero tu trabajo tampoco es muy bueno, en mi opinión...y según lo que vi en http://www.asesorespublicitarios.net

Un poco más de optimismo y ganas, que lamentándonos y quejándonos no sacamos nada.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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