Children and Adolescents Reference Center: Peter

Turn off the lights and help Peter overcome his fear of the dark.
Pedophilia. You might not see it, but it could be happening. 70% of child abuse cases take place in their own home.

Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Directors: Daniel Poletto, Kleyton Mourão
Photographer: Geison Genga
Copywriter: Rodrigo Senra
Associate Producer: Ingo Santos
Via: bestadsontv


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I think the pose in this one is less effective as it is less subtle. The first one, whilst less frank, was creepier, thus more effective.

We're going to need more lube.

marton.santos's picture
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this one is exaggerated.

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the visual here is so straight to the point, I guess it's too much the kid looks like he is giving the man a BJ. But anyway I like the implementation, good idea.

matita's picture
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too much!

theanc's picture
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I agree. People don't want to see it.


Wordnerd's picture
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that's the main problem: People don't want to see it.

I think when dealing with this issue you cant get hurtful enough

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A.G. Pennypacker
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It's bad enough that kid is giving him a BJ, did they have to name him Peter as well?

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Heh, nice catch.
Little Johnny?

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Oh my God, too much.

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Neil Levy
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i hope people write in and have opinions about this good or bad. because that means the ads actually work since they make people feel something. and for this cause it would be really important if they do work. versus just for award show judges and the like. i hope they do both (work to stop the problem and win you some hardware). not sure you need the line on them because when the sun goes down, you see the ad (versus telling people to turn down the lights) unless they're print and then it works. if it's in ooh, you don't need it. either way, great job.

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The Pope
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this is sick.

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These are obscene. Take the down.

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Whole series is sooo amateurish.

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What this campaign is trying to do I don't know, apart from making everybody feel sick. And when you're sick, you go to the toilet.

What I like in this is the wall pattern. If only this could be explored creatively, we would end up with a better ad.

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the Pun-isher
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So, does the end justify the means?
Yes, this ads got my attention. But I switched off because it's too shocking.


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this will make grandmothers throw up at bus stops.
strong, really.

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Senhora Kolossa
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WTF? Big WTF? seems to be a WTF-Work!

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Take away the bloody text and it says what?
What do they want people to do? Call in and report a suspicion? Are they trying to say that everyone with a small child could be a paedophile?

In a mostly catholic country I'd suspect there are far more important problems to look at. Not knowing where these ads will be broadcast, they're overdoing it.

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