No parking

Call me crazy, but I think Chicago needs more parking

A Cubs game sponsorship was used as a platform for more than traditional fan swag, a pile of cars was stacked up outside the stadium along with a sign. The car pyramid drew crowds of passersby snapping pictures, and drove viewers to ChicagoNow where the popular “Parking Ticket Geek” blog is housed.
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Advertising Agency: Zig, USA
Creative Director: Stephen Leps
Art Director: Janay Blazejewski
Copywriters: Geoff Berg, Natalie Taylor
Strategic Planner: Ryan Wilson
Team Leader: Carlie Naftolin
Retoucher: Jeremy Thompson
Studio: Mazen Mansour, William Leung
Print Production: Jen Dark
Music Company: RMW
Music Director: Ted Rosnick
Sound Designer: Tyson Kuteyi


car9's picture
15 pencils funny!

Bundy Agency's picture
Bundy Agency
597 pencils

ironic that they took up two carparks to tell me they need more, but effective none the less

LeeHarvey's picture
3045 pencils

This one does look a bit photoshopped....

just write's picture
just write
653 pencils

idea is good....

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4172 pencils

Definitivamente llama la atención.

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Me encanta que haya alguien con una banderita de Argentina opinando en español ;)

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A stranger abroad
427 pencils

Good stuff. So much ambient is lame and only works in the 'for-shows' photograph - if even that. This one is the exception. Strong simple point. Impossible to miss. Well done.

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13 pencils

great idea,, wow!

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Don't get this???

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Dingleberry Jack
248 pencils

I thought it was a Mickey D's ad....

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The MacDonald sing is clouding the Ad!

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