Cerveza Salta: Rugbeer

Situation: Argentina is the country with most football fans in the world. But in the north, in the Salta province, the New Zealand of Argentina, everybody loves rugby. That's why Salta beer wanted to make rugby fans live a unique experience.

Idea: The Rugbeer Machine by Salta Beer. The first ever vending machine that gives rugby players what they want most for doing what they do best. One cold Salta Beer per tackle.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Argentina
General Creative Directors: Gaston Bigio, Javier Mentasti, Maximiliano Maddalena
Creative Directors: Martín Garrocho, Gastón Schaefer
Copywriter: Ignacio Jardón
Art Director: Diego Bertagni
Production Director: Valeria Pinto
Agency Producer: Alejandro Travaglini
Production House: Hell
Director: Who
Post Production: Control Z
Music: CCCI

May 2012


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Love it!!!


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Design Central
364 pencils


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I want this beer machine!!!

kleenex's picture
40268 pencils

I want this beer machine!!!

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advertisers can be real inventors.. of mad things. very entertaining!

fuckcannes's picture
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Great Idea.
But, is it the continue of PoolBar?
Why not Budweiser? It could be better. Big brand big award.
Dont like the art direction of the video, the fist part with the map, sucks.
Claps for Ogilvy Argentina.

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Very entertaining.

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Good idea! Great music!

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I love tapping into the sports bar culture like this. Kudos.

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Al Woods
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That's the best fucking thing I've seen in ages. Bit slow off the mark and the styling is poor but absolutely love the idea.

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It means if you are not strong enough to bang the machine, you lose the coin!
Or else find someone strong to get your beer. It will be embarrassing specially in the bar!
Any way nice and innovative idea! Thumps Up!

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