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A concept that everyone has in minds but to execute it in this way.. is really tough

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this is really cool!!! :)

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hey... check this out, http://img483.imageshack.us/img483/2889/kuburan2dq.jpg ,from local agency in yogyakarta indonesia. made in 2004

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different medium dude...

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Indonesian ad is more powerful I think. Overall concept (of both ads) is a good one.

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I can't say that I agree on this being an "excellent" idea. And what impact to smokers?? There's not one single smoker in the world who is not aware of the danger with smoking. This does NOT make smoker quit. Most smokers want to quit. In sweden (yes my country) we had a few ads with actual loungs cut open showing what it looks like inside. Terrible let me tell you. Chocking! Smokers agreed but I'm not sure it helped. My friends still smoke, and want to quit. Anti-smoking organizations!! Save your money and produce actual material (books and stuff) that actually helps people to quit. Goddamit, you have to choose your battles. The information battle has been fought and neither side won. WE KNOW ABOUT THE RISKS. NOW HELP US!!

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regardless of where the concept came from, it's pretty damn good. Most creatives only think of full page bleed ads and :30 tv spots. I think this would stay with a lot of viewers.

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Nice idea, nice execution

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mmmmm right on your face! niiice


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chetan thesiya
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oyeee jetali
pahechan kon?
have tara idea ma kai keavanu hoy ato saroj ne.

fuck men ! u pepole alws going roking way.

nice , very nice, exxli, BOUBADHU LA .

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The question is: catholics, in INDIA?

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I hope smokers get scared. Good ad!

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