CEDRO (Information and Education Center for the Prevention of Drug Abuse): See you soon

Brief: In Perú, smoking kills 25 people every day. CEDRO ( Information and Education Center for the Prevention of Drug Abuse) decides to launch an “Aid program for smokers” in its website.

Idea: Making smokers “experience” a close encounter with "Death" at the very moment they are preparing to light a cigarette. (At night clubs, coffe shops, karaoke, bars, restaurants)

- During four weekends, this action manage to increase by more than 40% the traffic on their website.
- 1 of every 3 smokers decided to put out his cigarette, expressing their desire to quit it.

Advertising Agency: Cafeína, Lima, Peru
Creative Director: Mauricio Meza Bustamante
Senior Copywriter: Bruno Yaker
Copywriter: José De La Barra
Art Directors: Pablo Alfaro, Lucho Santillán, Cristhian Ávila
Agency Account Directors: Ana María Castillo, Kathy Molfino
Photography Studio: JPM Fotografía
Photographer: Juan Pablo Meza
Producer: Jorge Ezcurra


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Akshaya Singh
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Interesting campaign but I doubt the part about 1 in 3 opted out of smoking the cigarette.... if he had come to light my cigarette I would''ve offered one to him as well : /
I know smoking is an addiction and kills you but I don't think this approach would make me reconsider my decision... so all in all a fun campaign that could've increased traffic to the website but nothing more than that ..

Amateur for life!

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Smokers always doubt the effectiveness of anti-smoking campaigns. You know best.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Akshaya Singh
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Well smokers are the target audience for this work... and I don't think that a guy dressed as death coming to light my cigarette is gonna make me think about quitting any more than the statutory warning placed on the packs... and that is 'Not at all'.... but maybe that's just me ...

Amateur for life!

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Actually, we do. We are the target audience. How the hell would you know what smoking addiction feels like and what would work to ease the addiction if you aren't addicted?

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Awesome idea. Very scary.

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Prasad Weerasekara
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Like it.. well done.

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Great!! quit smoking.

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Blue Apple
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interesting execution, but old-as-the-world approach: "You smoke - you will die". Smokers know it without you. I think that first of all we must destroy the charm of smoking guy - that stupid and shitty stereotype "you smoke - it means you're bad guy/girl and the really cool one", "you don't smoke means you're jerk". we must create a new stereotype: "you smoke - it means you're wimp", it means - a little shitty cigarette is stronger than you. something like that. yes, it's not easy, but it's gonna be much more effective. we can continue to intimidate smokers and potential smokers, but it just strengthens the charm of smokers: he smoke - he isn't afraid of death - it means he's really cool ...

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agree wid u...good point brought forward...smokers know they r gonna die...this campaign may or maynot be effective.. but a continous campaign removing the charm of smokers may work..

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Gave a chuckle, however doesn't grab me on such a serious issue.

A bigger however; results speak for themselves.

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Ron Burgundy
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i think it's cool, but Akshaya is right, if anything fMRI research states even the box warnings educed cravings in smokers....it's an attention grabber though

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Video link?

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good idea.

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I loved the touch of the lighter!!!

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nice campaign...idea is old though...liked the copy on the lighter 'give it back to me later'..that may hav some effect...

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I liked it..

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