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I think this is stupid. If I'm in a video rental i want to see a video, and don't want to read a book!

Besides - who sees the movie first and then "reads the book as well"?? Perfect way to spoil a book.

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Agree with your comment about the tagline... I dont know a lot of people who read the book after watching the movie. But I dont think you have to take it so literal. To me this is more about planting seeds. Your not expecting the viewer to actually take the book instead of the movie. At least that is what I get from it.

Interesting approach.

What video store would allow this though?

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not so clever for me. again, if i am there, i don't want to read a book. i want to watch a film, that's why i went there. plus most people renting a film don't watch it alone. it's just a product-placement that doesn't work for me. making it for a video rental in a library could work ("hm.. 598 pages.. oh, there is a film, too?")

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true true

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That would a good ad to promote videos but clearly this ad was developed to promote READING.

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yes, exactly. that's why it doesn't work for me, thanks ;)

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you're an idiot.

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of course no one is entering a video rental because he likes to read a book! but one target of advertising is to create wishes and needs. maybe in future you'll consider at all going for a book?

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this goes even not toward any side... some people really like to read the story of a film others like me wanna watch the movie, and f*k the book then!! the idea works well both ways..

| Everartz |

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I don't think I'd buy the book while renting the movie... I might be interested in the book AFTER I saw the movie, but it would seem very redundant to get both at the same time.

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Dick Huges
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no video store would allow this. maybe just for the picture. but that's it.

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What the Hell2
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i like it.

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I think this work better the other way round.


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You are right scs7683. It would work well if it's done in a place where they sell videos as well as books.

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the idea+copy could wel hve bin the first to come "the books arent selling dude, lez tell people that they are even bettr than their visual prodction"
what stands out thou is the way it is xecuted......plain forced and it mite jus do the trick of luring some to read the book......

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it's not good, dont sell.
Leo Brasil is a good agency, but make mistakes sometimes.

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I like the girl on the picture.

Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

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different target audience
and its risky

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