Career Launcher: Garbage

Keep wasting paper or chop down this tree. Comes to the same thing!

Advertising Agency: Draft FCB Ulka, New Delhi, India
National Creative Director: Chax
Creative Director: Sanjay Sharma
Art Director: Shubhojit Sengupta
Copywriter: Vikram Sengupta
Prop-maker: Manoranjan Mukherjee
Client servicing director: Mitushi Verma
Released: December 2008

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it's a good way.

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Reminds me of a similar ambient idea from a while back where they put a small pot plant-holder around a huge tree - with the message about fertilizer (make your plants grow).

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great idea...syncs with the social awakening era we are living in...

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Interesting thought....brilliant execution!!

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not bad. but 'stop wasting paper' would have been enough. even morons are capable of getting it without telling them like they were morons. they could have used this space better by saying that 'career launcher' is NOT wasting paper. this message is completely lost

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Love the device. Well executed. Bit of an overkill on copy though. Committee interference perhaps? But still very nice.

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Absolutely brilliant idea. However, the copy should have been shorter and bigger. But, hey, even like this it sure gets all the attention.

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good idea!!!

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fedex did this last year. comes to the same thing?!

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Don't really get the "Career Launcher" logo. Sends mixed messages.

"Comes to the same thing" - not a very well written line if you ask me. You're spoon feeding the punch line.

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great idea visually.

but whats with the copy? comes to the same thing is not correct grammar. and please not exclamation points in adveristing.

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Great idea... silly copy...

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stunning idea ULKA. Absolutely love it. too much copy though

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nice idea. but copy needs to be fixed.

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copy fail.

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true. copy fail.

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smart and straight 2the point.. Very good!!!

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copy is not happening.
go n read more N.french site.
otherwise good.

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good idea...but it doesn't highlight that its company policy to reduce paper waste... connection between copy and logo is missing.

also, you should take it further (print ad or eamil chain) otherwise if will be restrict to certain area only... overall out of box thinking...good!

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creativity is related to month , month to season , season to metal , metal to money and money to compromise ...

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Liked the idea but a few observations..
First, "Comes to the same thing!" wasn't required at all.
Second, there is no connect with 'Career Launcher'.
Third, if the attempt was to show that the tree has already been physically thrown into the bin, then why write "..chop down this tree" ?

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Will it do anything for the brand "Career Launcher" ? Will anybody get the connect that Career Launcher is conscious about protecting nature ? Even if they do, will it make them chose CL over the competing brand just for this reason ?

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great idea and everything...but perhaps the copy becomes explanatory coz on india not too many of the masses would've been able to comprehend

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