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I ate Steve Fossett

"I'm singing in the rain... *KICK* ...I'm singing in the rain... *KICK*

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Wow, I think it's pretty cool

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Wow, I think it's pretty cool, but it looks fake as well

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Very nice! I really like those "guerilla" ads, it gives so much more visibility and shows the organisation is creative and not 'out of date'.

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Well, I'm just gonna peel that sticker from the floor, that's what I'm gonna do!!!

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Guest No 000.00...

this passed out drunkard would look great in my appartment. on the ceiling.

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not bad!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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It would have be nicer if it were at the end of a stair

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why? because it's been done before that way?
or because people only pass out at the end of stairs?

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Pretty cool. Hope no one slips on him and breaks their neck.

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These were placed at the bottom of staircases in theaters.

SOURCE: http://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20070906/redcross.html

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It would look a lot better if it was placed differently. The position of the feet and the color of the shadow throws off the illusion and makes it look phoney baloney.

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