Canadian Mental Health Association: Scratch & Learn

The CMHA wanted to educate the public on how common mental illness is 1 is 5 people will be affected by it to help fight the negative stigma associated with it. We thought that the '1 in 5' stat sounded like gambling odds, and since anyone could suddenly be affected by it, it was kind of like a lottery (albeit one that you wouldn't want to win.) Thousands of tickets were left in office buildings, food courts & shopping malls for people to find, scratch & learn.

Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Mike Meadus
Art Directors: Brad Connell & Kelsey Horne
Copywriters: Saro Ghazarian & Nicolle Pittman
Published: November 2007


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Vege Pop
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It must have given the chills to people who scratched it, (I would have had it, anyway), and isn't that the only way to make people think and concider? Brilliant eyeopener, anyway.

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daniel ieraci
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Fantastic. Great concept, great execution.

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Err, another scratch card? Were you guys not around in the 90s?

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daniel ieraci
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I was only in primary school in the 90's and had no real interest in advertising at the time so, no I haven't really seen this idea done before.

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w plus k_ad
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I agree. Done to death in the 90's and the 00's. That's the 2000's. But it wouldn't surprise me if it had been done as early as the 1900's.

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This same logic was used before.
This one:
Cannes Media shorlist 2007

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It's not the same idea.

One is playing off the fact that it's a lottery, anyone can get it - specifically 1 in 5. They didn't make "one out of the five tickets" contain the message of mental awareness. So anyone who gets this piece will get the message.

The other uses strategy to place an ad in every 500th paper, thus reducing the amount of people who see its message. Weaker, in my opinion.

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I really like it. It works in every way.

However I´m not sure about where did they put the cards or how do they delivered them among people.

At first it looks like the text is too long but you just keep on reading.

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