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xplain pls. don't get it

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It's an ambient sticker that promotes Calle's message to play soccer anytime, anywhere.

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gracias. than i think it's not strong enought

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sí, explikenme por favor

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the tag with a logo on it is a paster. you can put it on the roadsign,look just like a man play the soccer.
this it my opinion, although i never see this brand before.


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if thats true.. you're playing with safety of pedestrians. i smell scam or a government that doesn't care. how can you fiddle around with roadsigns???

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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kalpesh is right, u can't mess with the road signs, at least that's the law in my country, i don't know how the laws are in USA... ?!

don't tell my mother i work in advertising, she thinks i play the piano in a whorehouse

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Why is the ball so small? It look stupid. Plus, play anytime? I don't think playing when crossing the road is a good idea.

I like the idea, but the application sux.

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Just saying on the tag that you're clever doesn't make it so.

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This breaks one of my fundamental rules. If you have to say something is clever, it's probably not that clever.

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