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Hot idea

Garg0yle's picture
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Who the heck is going to notice those 'burnt' tees... except of course award judges when presented to them as a concept card?

daniel ieraci's picture
daniel ieraci
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I do agree that they could potentially be overlooked, but to me the idea is just too nice that I don't really care ;)

Maybe the placement could have been different (i.e. at the club's reception counter, in a basket on the green etc) to increase their noticeability...

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well, in a golf club (i imagine) people know each other... and if just ONE person notice the ad, he will tell to friends 'look this...', and that one person become thousands in a few days on that club, dont you think?

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maybe a few people, which is alright, since this placement cost the client... nothing?

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Have Heart
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Like it a lot!

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Great idea. And I think they will not be overlooked on a driving range.

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If you don't have a tee in your pocket when you are walking up to the tee, the first place you look is on the ground around the tee box. I don't think they would be overlooked at all.

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Cool idea, I dig it.

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Truly an outstanding guerilla idea

"There is no entitlement to the consumer's attention. It is earned."
-Luke Sullivan


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If you think these would be overlooked by golfers, you're probably not a golfer. Which is why this is a very clever idea.



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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Suddenly, these so-called "first thought" ideas become SO great when taken outside of a two-dimensional print environment. (At its core, it's nothing more than a driver-with-a-hot-rod-decal idea.)
Copy-wise, it's a dreaded see-say. "Scorching Ball Speed" on a scorched tees? Arrrrgh. Puh-leeeze!
But hey, those half-drunk weekend golfers will definitely get a kick out of it.

A pretty cool, gimmicky fun!

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I think you need to get laid, haven't had any for months eh, JPB?

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I agree that's gooddd!!!

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taylormade BURNER!!!

Guest's picture

Poor animals, I wish I could adopt them all.

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