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Senhora Kolossa's picture
Senhora Kolossa
Activity Score 483

WTF? Seems to be an underwater-work!

spronski's picture
Activity Score 54

who needs a phone that works under water ... ?
other than that the idea is ok.

primo_susto's picture
Activity Score 440

i need one! i always drop my cellphone in my glass of beer when i'm with my friends friday night

TRICKY's picture
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nice thinking but as 'Spronski" said who needs a phone that works under water :)))))))

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

axelk's picture
Activity Score 286

i guess scuba divers when they run out of oxygen that's who :)

MMM's picture
Activity Score 22

A friend got thrown into a pool...

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Activity Score 328

You don't need a phone that works under water. What you might need is a phone that doesn't go kaput after you accidentally dropped it in water.

ginfizz's picture
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well if the client says thats supposed to be the usp, you have to do smething he might appreciate. even if its bullshit, its funny, so it's ok. not gold but ok.

michi25's picture
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that one will be a funny candid camera, you call the fish and the fish gets electrocuted.

Senhora Kolossa's picture
Senhora Kolossa
Activity Score 483

WTF? Seems to be an underwater-work!

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Jeff Ng
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Nice idea, at least it draws public attention, achieving it's goal. If I come by this installation in shop, I would make a call for fish too.

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you need it...maybe when you have broken up with your girlfriend and jumped off the cliff into the raging sea below..and your girlfriend calls to tell you that she just realised how much she loves you and can't live without you... so could you come over right now..

kyao888's picture
Activity Score 127

interesting comments here. I agree that people nowadays are just too attached to their phone causing accidents awhile they are driving or talking loudly in restaurants. Phone companies want you to be attached to a phone even when you are chilling in a pool and trying to relax. The concept is good tho, at least it will catches people eyes. It is like when waterproof watches first came out.

ooops's picture
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convincing test of product seems popular now

WhereIsMyBackPay's picture
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I wonder if the fish could get some sleep. :D

Guest's picture

I Have this phone and is very handy when u want to take pics underwater ;)