No picnic

February 2010
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A Picnic chocolate bar is chewy, nutty and difficult to eat. GPY&R Melbourne challenged its audience to eat a Picnic in the space of a :30 commercial break. People filmed themselves using mobile phones, webcams and handycams and then created their own TV ads using the website, In an Australian first, every single ad that went to air on television (200+) was unique, and created using the website.

Advertising Agency: GPY&R Melbourne, Australia
ECD: Ben Coulson
Art Director / CD: Ben Couzens
Writer / CD: Jim Ingram
Agency Producer: Romanca Jasinski
Digital Art Director: Stephen Joss
Digital Producer: Carrie Burman
Digital Developer: Beau Rushton
Flash Developer: Jadon Baker
Group Account Director: Mike Napolitano
Account Manager: Alice Mason
Head of Planning: Kate Smither
Head of Digital Strategy: Luc Wiesman

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what's the point of trying to eat it in :30? why does that make it great? I can't eat a Nutty Bar in :30 either and it's probably better. Great idea come from great strategies and this isn't one of them.