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Nice kilt Mr Clean !

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Looks awfully fake. Fun idea; but the PS work needs a lot of, well, work. The head looks to be floating in front of the log, and the hands don't seem to be touching the log at all. Sill, all in all; it's a fun piece of advertising. and an absolutely GREAT idea. A+ for the concept; C- for the digital work.

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Retarded comments like this absolutely incense me. Proverbialthought, you obviously don't understand the concept -- at all. It's a cardboard cutout of a man placed around a telephone pole in order to give the effect that he is participating in the traditional Scottish sport of caber tossing. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR DIGITAL WORK OR PHOTOSHOP. It's a guerilla idea. And a rather brilliant one at that. Keep your stupid comments to yourself.

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Exactly. If you're gonna take time to make a comment, know what you're talking about.

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andrej dwin
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well, proverbialthought is a very strange fellow. ever checked his blog?
you just can't take his comments seriously...
btw, the ad is great.

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absolutely right proverbialshit :) it doesn't have to be perfect because its idea will be gone. a little fake is good in this case

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i agree with proverbialthought. this looks completely fake/photoshopped. it's a nice idea. but if you couldn't sell it, there's no point showing it and pretending you did.

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Disco Munky
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Wise words from Ad Guru Spank-the monkey. If you can't sell it, don't show it.

You ever had anything on this site? or anywhere? Is that cos you're too cool to show it or your stuff just don't sell?

Jesus put me here to be your friend mate. Stop fighting it and just come home. My guns are big enough for hugging.

Doin' it for the points

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what's this, 8 comments of mine you've tracked down and replied to just today? get help, little man. your insecurities are showing.

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Disco Munky
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That all I'm getting?

That's rubbish. Even from your tired, old, narrow, racist, arrogant self.

You're still not as smart as you wish you were, but you sound smarter than a chimp so that's cool.


Doin' it for the points

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Wow what harsh words from the computer geek gallery... Alright, I see now that no part of the pole is part of the cardboard; the dimensions were throwing me off a bit. Thanks for the insanely unnecessary manner in which you corrected me. With all of that said; it STILL does not look like the guy is holding the pole... His left hand has a fingertip cut off and his left foot doesn't even touch the ground.

I'll use terminology (school propaganda) that you have been taught to use. Excellent idea; poor execution... And the peanut gallery replied, "Aaawww, I get it now."

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Charlie Pratt
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I like it. It looks like a Scottish man tossing a caber. Which, I think, is the damned point.

If any of you guys gather anything from this piece of guerilla marketing OTHER than a Scottish man tossing a caber, please let me know.

This one made me laugh. Well done.

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Frane Rectal

how long did it take til the kids drew a turd between his legs?

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a strong mr clean wow

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it acutally was sold to the client, and it did run. it is not photoshopped onto the pole.

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the reason it doesn't fit the telephone pole completely is b/c not all telephone poles are the same circumfrence - another reason why real guerilla ads are harder to perfect than merely photoshopping a pic onto a telephone pole image.

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this is awesome, i love it.

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Hey proverbialthought; there is absolutely nothing fake looking about this campaign. I actually drove by one of them on my way home from the office and I had to do a double take. Hats off to the team at Hangar 18, amazing concept, great execution.

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