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Don't you know a mirror when you see one? Its a so-so idea.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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i am thinking of the mirror too. it would be better if their put multiple angle, perhaps few cameras (budget!), or maybe some video filter to make it into a certain theme.

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this would have been better if they actually had it recording. you can't convince me that Samsung didn't have the money to do it right, in a few locations. they could have integrated it onto their website and into t.v spots showing reactions and what people did. i bet they'd get some pretty good stuff.
this execution cheapens the brand a bit in my opinion.

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good effort

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nice idea for a low budget campaign but its true if samsung does not show hi tech in their own ads how you can sell the hi tech concept. this is more a account faliure than creative one. creative effort 10 points.

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oh!com'on, itz a nice idea...relevant. n itz nt abt u being framed...
from any angle it wl hav a motion picture. n within tht display(set up)it communicates
th message.
m a new member on this site.
it often seems to me tht before reaching to their comment window
ppl (on AotW)go thru already-written comments n get influenced. i can c (not always but quite often)a "constant hue of comments" on a particular idea coz of th prejudice. give it a thot, guys.

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Corona Raymaker
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Is it real? If so: Very funny idea.
Maybe not 10/10, but nice concept.

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Interesante. muy bueno.

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