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Advertising Agency: Vitro Robertson, USA
Executive Creative Director: John Vitro
Creative Director: KT Thayer
Photographer: Chris Wimpey
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Justin Ebert
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Taylor Crawford
Art Directors: Matt Dimmer, David Reyes

October 2007


Rog's picture
6082 pencils

Not quite up to the Jews & Taxi Driver idea mark... but very nicely executed.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

dynatop's picture
212 pencils


but, the same problem as in China, passangers can slide the windows and then cut the head:)

Jarne von Wolfsburg's picture
Jarne von Wolfsburg
264 pencils

* * * * *

Does it work without the busdriver walking?

ecflagcorp's picture
108 pencils

I like all of these. I kinda wanna see what you would put on the front and back of the bus. :)

absoluties's picture
504 pencils

I still don't get it!!!
Are they begging for change?
Like to think they're handing water, but it seems too far fetched for me!

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