Burt’s Bees Canada: Lipstick

How much lipstick will you eat in your lifetime?

Advertising Agency: zig, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Art Director: Briony Wilson
Writer: Lorraine Tao
Coach: Lynda Torneck
Planner: Doug Potwin
Team Leader: Leslie Hunter
Project Manager: Anne Cayer
Studio: Cathy Lam, William Leung
Retoucher: Jeremy Thompson
Print Production: Jen Dark
Media Director: Laurissa Stebeleski
Builders: Performance Solutions
Photographer: Dave Sloan


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This is very good!

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Kind of a weird media placement isn't it? I haven't been to Canada much, but I'd imagine that they don't normally have plates and forks just sitting under glass in the middle of a mall.

Oddly this might have worked better in print.

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It's cold in Canada, lot's of people go to the mall in winter.

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Jaap Grolleman
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To me, this is the only one that works, because it says 100% natural.

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I like this a lot. What an unusual angle to take to sell something natural.

Not that I wear lipstick much (only weekends), but this is innovative.

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That idea never makes a woman pay for it. Product is for beauty, and should be presented beautifully.

With so many women at the team, I can't belive the execution.

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wow.. striking! Good Copy!

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OK idea


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Kind of a fuzzy idea. Why isnt a lipstick on the dish instead of a big box?

Girl in pic has a killer body

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