Burger King: Xbox games

These are actual Xbox games made for Burger King:
Pocketbike Racer screenshoots
Big Bumpin' screenshoots
Sneak King screenshoots

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, USA
Agency Producers: Eric Rasco
Art Directors: Aramis Israel
Creative Directors: Alex Bogusky, Rob Reilly, Jeff Benjamin, Kim Thompson (equity Marketing), Jon Banks (equity Marketing)
Designers: Mike Del Marmol, Alvaro Ilizarbe, Pres Rodriguez, Carlos Lange, Conor Mccann, Joe Miranda, Jiwon Lee, Logan
Directors: Aramis Israel
Production Company: Blitz Games (game Developer), Evolution Engine (live Action), Plus Productions
Writers: Aramis Israel, Bob Cianfrone, Jake Mikosh, Rob Thompson

May 2007


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What?? The Burger King game?

hang-the-dj's picture
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Great, even more ways to get kids eating crap food.

Should be illegal.

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Don't taking anything away from the quality of their ideas, but CP&B are masters of big production advertising. Counterfeit mini, Subservient Chicken, now this. These sorts of campaigns aren't easy to pull off, but they have the resources and the ambition and they always manage to do so. And they usually reap the rewards.

The games will be total shit, of course.

ivan's picture

Yes. If the games are given away free or cheap people will try them and will spend at least 10-30 minutes with them, which is way above any commercial advertising usually achieves. The last time I spent more than 5 minutes with an ad was playing the Get the Glass game. So games do work well for advertising and are currently not widely used. The only other time I can remember having spent considerable time with a campaign was watching the VW GTI spots also done by CPB over and over. Love that German accent. I'm half German myself.


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clever idea.
a game for all the adipose burger kids out there. so they don't have to feel lonesome and sad anymore.

i heard that whackdonald's is about to release a ronald mcdonald skin for halflife and a game called "redhead's rampage".
the king still scares the sh*t outta me though.

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is vanessa paradis in the first game?

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Boony wants a beer
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So what?

I'm a big fan of CPB's Burger King work, but these aren't clever at all.

Lego already have a video game, Micro Machines already have a video game...I'm sure there's more.

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They are nice and to do point. CP+B work hard. They deserve awards. Because genius is %1 inspiration % 99 sweat.

"Everyday is one short life"


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you must be outta your fuckin mind making burger king games dont they get enough money and more people fater eating that shit FUCK YOU BK YOU FUCKIN FAGETS

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