Bridgestone: Tire Safety Wall

The Solution: Using Bridgestone’s tires, we created the region’s first tire safety barrier for the roads. The location? One of the most accident-prone areas. Conforming to the tire wall designs made by the Motor Racing Authorities. we placed hundreds of used tires to help withstand vehicle impact and prevent injuries to passengers. Vlfith the help of Greater Lebanon Municipal. we turned one of the most dangerous corners into a safe zone.

The Result: In just a few weeks. the road and traffic authorities have approached Bridgestone to expand the safety program nation-wide. Accidents in the municipality are down 64% in comparison to last year’s figures for the same period. Awareness is improving by the day. But more importantly, people are slowing down on the highway – even if it’s just to see and read the message. Proof that Bridgestone tires do make roads safer.

The Challenge: Traffic accidents claim over 700 lives in Lebanon every year, and over 10.000 related injuries — one of the worst records in the Middle East. Bridgestone wanted to raise awareness for road safety and its tires. But how do you get the attention of people who don’t even pay attention to the road regulations??
Advertising Agency: Impact/BBDO, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Fouad Abdel Malak
Creative Director: Amit Kapoor
Associate Creative Director: Dinesh Tharippa
Copywriter: Amit Kapoor
Art Director: Dinesh Tharippa
Photographer: Procolor / Stock Images
Account Supervisor: Omar Sadek
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Mazen Zantout

July 2012


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Amit kapoor and Dinesh Tharippa. Come to India. These are there at every corner every turn. whats the idea in this?

BTW these tires need to be tied together tethered to something solid. usually a rock or an iron nail in the ground. Tires will just fly off on an impact with a car.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Thanks for allowing us to take turns at top speed.

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