Breast mouse pad

Examine regularly

To raise public awareness of breast cancer, special mouse pads were placed in select internet cafes across Hong Kong — promoting the importance of early detection through self-examination.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Hong Kong
Creative Director: Keith Ho, Paul Chan
Art director, Copywriter: Paul Chan
Production manager: Sammy Chau

August 2006


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Mtl Dave
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I am not sure this mousepad is targeted at female internet users.
Looks more like something a guy would buy for the visual, then say "yeah I participate in Breast Cancer awareness"

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I want one of those.

And I don't even have a mouse, I use the trackpad.

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MADE in the USA
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I'm sorry what were you saying??

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That is fantastic ! Breast cancer is a serious issue for women and i love the shock value of this idea. Brilliant work.

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Wow. That's a real winner !

Stunning !

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I love it! I'll take two please!

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I prefer the Axe mousepad idea.

I reckon these will get stolen too, I guess. The full frontal might be a little uncomfortable for some people.

Paul Chan's name is everywhere.

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Nice try. Jury'll like it, huh?

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I don't think it's 100% fair or equal to compare this to the Axe one, but something about this feels too simplistic. But, again, gotta give 'em credit for getting the message out in an original way.

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Idea been used before (in thailand).

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The difference between HK and Thailand is that in Thailand, they probably used a ladyboy (transvestite) instead!

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kinda dumb, as males outnumber females at internet cafes 3:1

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scam, scam, scam, scam, scam, scam.

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Thats been done by bbdo puerto rico. Nice idea but its been done...
check it out

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I make this idea in year 2001.
New york festivals finalist.

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Not clear enough...Wrong place to reach the target as well I think. I imagine more the guys visiting porn sites being very happy about having a mouse pad with breast. I also reminds me of something Axe did ( I think it was Axe...), the mouse pad was a skirt and the mouse was under the skirt.So it looked like you were doing naughty things to a demoiselle when

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i think some of the old man/women do visiting cc
even kids also surf internet at cc
targeting group is blur
the shouts from the images (which digest at first) may be reject by some people

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