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How did they come in women's bedrooms to install these switches?!?!?! And who seriously believes people "called to get these switches installed"?!?!?!

This must be a joke.

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u breake in, put the sticker on and leave withouth a trace.
Woman wakes up, sees the sticker, belives it is a message from god and goes to the doctor.
as simple as that.

I would never promote Coca Cola.

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I thought the chinese gov't banned god

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Hey... Self-Checking. Ring a bell?

It's for women to check their OWN breasts, not to go immediately to the doctor! That's why this is installed in their bedroom.

Still, I too find weird this being a home-action. Unless in China is regular for them to put ads in people's places. Do the switches really work??? Because it hey do, the ones who install them have lots of work in each home...

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I can be nothing but a joke. How could they come into people's house? And why would people call to have this installed?
Very strange campaign...


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Why did they put switches on the breasts..does it mena turn them on? or mayb self check to see if they are still boobs and not magically turned to switches..and what are they doin in peoples homes??what if u have some freinds come over??

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This is pretty bad. A much nicer campaign was done by Eight Partnership/HK with two alarm bells as breasts for the HK Cancer Fund.

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Gosh! This contribution is bad for China ad industry. First of all, this is a scam. Worse, it's badly done scam and a really bad joke!

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I get the idea behind it, but I can't imagine a woman wanting the thing installed in her home. How lovely when guests come by! How seamlessly it fits into the decor!

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to be fair to them, the rationale did says that these switches are installed f.o.c. if someone calls...but i doubt people change switches regularly...

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if it's also the way to check women breast..
pushing up & down?

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next = viagra ad


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