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Cool and fun. Like it.

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Alistair C.
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wow... natural gas... guess what? oil/ petroleum is also natural.
and burning gas also polutes.

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yeah... i don't get it, is it something environmental in that? otherwise nice art direction:)

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Barbara Agatha G.
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WHy does the idea of "natural gas" always makes me giggle naughtily?!

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I like the contrast but even if the truck runs to the natural gas it is a cement mixer all the same


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similar, but not same, is running in the Czech Republic from year 1997.
Zapa beton ("Zapa concrete") had only 1 radio spot (theme in mafia helping people into the concrete/cement graves) and that together with their cars and factories resulted in their overall distinction.

have a look: http://www.zapa-beton.cz/index.php?option=com_rsgallery2&Itemid=8

their factories often respond to the place - e. g. near to the "battle of 3 caesars" is in the shape of a soldier from Napoleon times, another one close to huge neolithic settlement has got similar ornaments and so on....

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i've loked at zapa and WOW, now that's graphic design

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Too hippie. They should do something more "natural".


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Ah... loving that natural gas

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Super idea. When I first time saw this I thought that are trucks with m&m's :D or smarties.

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can these be shrunk into a Matchbox / Hot wheels toy ? coz i'd love one for my desk!

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Check out gasland movie. Natural Gas has a new perspective.

The design on this trucks makes it look all good!

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