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i think i have seen this before.......well its good

love anything creative

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Nice thought, though not very fresh.

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Good Idea.
Liked it.


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yes i have seen this before.
nice concept.

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I don't understand the use of hands in this case. What is the message?

It made more sense the last time it was done: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/national_sea_rescue_lifesaving_...

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Hands off

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putting something on the internet faster and giving lots of links don't make someone the founder of an idea.
it's been over a year since we started working on this project.
but i think you know it better since you politely stole it from the walls of hunt lascaris.
anyway, it's a nice idea to use it for sea rescue in jo'burg, where you don't even have sea.
nice try.

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ja, that's exactly what I did - I went into my old agency, stole an idea off the wall and then made it thinking that nobody would ever find me out. Brilliant! You must be the brains in your team!

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it seems i'm also the brains of your team.

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For anyone who cares - after many furious emails we have concluded that we cannot prove who came up with the idea first. It seems that the universe has played a cruel joke on us and has given us the same idea separately. It sounds impossible but I recall many times when I have seen an entry in an annual of an idea that I had. It's infuriating but nonetheless it does happen.
I retract my former accusations with apologies.
If anyone out there wants to accuse my partner or I, please feel free to email me.

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Wow Stu. I can't believe you didn't learn anything from this embarrassing exchange the first time and have done it again under the name of DancingDave. So stupid...


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