February 2008

Every day a 10-year-old child has to carry a load of schoolbooks that weighs 15kg. Help lighten their workload.

Advertising Agency: Grey Beijing, China
Executive Creative Director: Chee Guan Yue
Creative Directors: David Wang
Art Directors: Chee Guan Yue
Copywriters: Adrian Zhu
Producer: Kevin Bi

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Mumbai cha porga's picture
Mumbai cha porga
Activity Score 22


SeanMartin's picture

Like so many pieces of ambient, I question how well this really worked. The sheer cuteness of the figurine undercuts the seriousness of the message, and given that books are usually turned spine out on the shelf means the headline would be facing in the wrong direction for a reminder read, thus eliminating the message altogether.

XL's picture
Activity Score 214

Dude. They're called bookENDS. Meaning they're on the end. And therefore, still entirely readable.

SeanMartin's picture

*Dude*, look at a set of bookends sometime and tell me which side FACES OUT.

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Activity Score 298

the copy faces out but the expression of the ceramic child will always be seen.

which is okay because 1.the copy has already been read when the ambient piece was delivered. 2. anyone new to the ceramic book ends would like to know why the books are leaning and why the bookend kids look so distressed.

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Activity Score 426

Well said.

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Activity Score 1894

I assume these would go on the teacher's desk as a constant reminder. They don't need to read it every time to remember the message.

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Activity Score 16

Like it.

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Activity Score 334

what the fuc*! is this, how you supose to help this kid... what a fake ambient. (so you see this, realize about the problem and then? no phone number no webpage...

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Activity Score 54

yes . i agree with u. no contact information about help and more

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Activity Score 2683

i think it's just meant to raise awareness..

nice. good job


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Activity Score 212

good point, bad execution.

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Activity Score 220

good one...I think parents are not the depart should see this.

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Activity Score 358

Nice one

Flooded with art!

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Activity Score 63

Charming idea, worthy of praise, only I hope it's not another scam.

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Mumbai cha porga
Activity Score 22

Nice out of the box idea!

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Blue Koala
Activity Score 199

Hard to be Ads.
Just an opinion.

Just an opinion.

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Activity Score 60

agree with adstrike
seems like this is done for the awards...
don't see how this can help the situation of the kids... good one to help the creative team though :)

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pooja gadodia
Activity Score 86
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Activity Score 20

no bad

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Activity Score 98


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Activity Score 13

oh my god!
Chee Guan,bad idea,bad result.

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avinash singh
Activity Score 15

idea does not create the pain.