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If this wasn't a scam, it'd be darn irritating.

What if some old lady tripped and died while coming down the escalator?

My guess is that most people who aren't interested to begin with still won't be interested after the prank.

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i dont buy it...shutting the lights out at a mall like that may cause panic...this smells fake to me

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Stinks fake, actually.


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Something similar but with auditive defficient was made in Argentina. We couldn't listen to the sound of the movie. Than the concept "If you were angry because you didn't listen for 3 minutes, imagine people who stay like that for all life. Donate... etc."

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so you missed three minutes of audio in a movie you paid admission for?? thats bullshit! i dont think that is an effective way to coax people into donating.

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I don't think it is effective. But it was not the movie they cut the audio. They cut the audio from a trailer, I guess. Anyway, that idea was made 5, 6 years ago. See ya,

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encouraging eye donation or merchandise robbery? it works for a creative workshop. not for real life. imagine accidents and getting sued afterward. if it was a blackout in cinema before the movie screening and the same voice over came, i'll buy it.

because it's the place where sight and sound are essentials. and people already stick to their seats. no harm done and ready for any audio played. you can also set a donation counter outside the cinemas.

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you made nice turn of the initial idea, respect!

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electricity goes off all the time in kochi kerala india. the people there are used to it. lame idea

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dudes, if you did actually do this,(he!he!)dont think ppl would think abt eye donation. rather think it's one normal evening in their lives. with the problems of electricity plaguing the country

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I don't know how long the lights were off but if it was just for a sec, no harm could have been possibly done.
I think it frightened people and it was just a simple blackout for a moment. After this experience and after VO coming on I believe it made people really think about it.
I personally would donate...I'm glad I have no such problems...

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Mother of all scams. Ivan how come you let these kind of stuff in man.

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wow, this is not only a bad scam, but also scary & irresponsible. turning off the lights in a mall? talk about a stupid suggestion.

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Technical error: Look closely at the second frame, you still see people.

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Nice photochopped 'lights out' shot! Haha! Let's just down the levels 60% and add a black gradient at the top .... *sigh*

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jajaja add black to scam... Impossible in a shopping mall, In a cinema could work better, agree whit mrtalented.

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In a cinema could work better, agree whit mrtalented.

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Add black to scam… Impossible in a shopping mall. In a cinema could work better, agree whit mrtalented.

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it has scam written all over it.
no mall would do this. and for how long? 1 day, 2 weeks.. how long can a mall afford to lose customers... this is so obviously stupid

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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i think thats going too far into people's private space..

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