Boeh!: Headscarf Ban

Advertising Agency: 10 Advertising, Antwerp, Belgium
Strategy: Stefaan Vandist
Copy: Olaf Meuleman
Art director: Gertjan Kuijvenhoven

September 2009


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awesome solution to a heated topic. this is just great, guys!

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Yes, but what if I FORCE you to wear a hot dog on your head? Not so funny anymore. And that's that point of the ban.

HOWEVER, this is a great campaign.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Well, this IS a great campaign, and maybe it will open some doors and some minds.
I think the headscarf ban is now as important has the discussion in course. Congratulations for the work, but especially for the positive approach to communication, some small things can create some great changes.

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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The only thing that troubles me is that they use innovative ideas to promote old conceptions.
Saying "it's my human right to wear a head scarf" is a complete half true, which is a nice way of just telling a proper lie.
If muslims had only cared for human rights (or women's rights for that matter) the head scarf would have been the last thing people would asked to be removed. How about marrying two wives? what about being able to divorce your wife without any guarantees given to her? When was the last time you saw a female Imam? or a muslim woman in an excutive role in a muslim community? Why can't women enter mosques?

Advertising is not about lying,
It's about giving things a chance to give a better impression.
Muslims will have to try harder to convince me.
Oh, and by the way - I'm Muslim.

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Well, you can propose that topic to the forum in the advertising perspective.
Anyway, this is not a lie, it is a start of something.

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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i love the work and how they forced the "higher level" to respond... very good.. thumbs up!

| Everartz |

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Nice campaign. Well done.

Though I wonder if the ban on headscarfs is any more arbitrary than, say, the requirement to remove my shoes before entering a Mosque? I take off my shoes out of respect. Schools are asking people to respect their rules too.

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Unfortunately people know half truth. YES a muslim is allowed to keep more then 1 wife. But how and why? If a person can do full justice with both the women and take care of the expenses he can keep more then 1 wife. This rule has been introduced in Islam to help, helpless lonely women and widows and thier children so that even they can have shelter, security and a good life. And who don't have girlfriends these days?. So why can't a person keep wives? Also i believe that it's better to keep wives instead of keeping girlfriends outside house and getting yourself involve in illegitimate relationship. By only keeping girlfriend and leaving them after sometime means using her and violating her rights.

For divorce it's a strict rule and biggest SIN and people have to pay in this world and hereafter. Even after giving divorce there are strict rule to protect a woman's right. But it's other people's personal problem why don't they follow.

Ofcourse there are female Imam but it's a great honour to be a mother to Imam. There are religious female called aalima. They are social and organise religious gathering to spread proper knowledge.

To protect a woman from getting pushed by other males in crowded place or mosque, women are not allowed to enter mosque or crowed place.. Ofcourse if a place is crowded you will push people unintentionally and you won't even know. In Islam women are much precious then diamond. You are concern about your money and valueable things. And to protect it, you keep it in your safe. why are you not thinking about women's security. Islam has given a good reputation and many many rights to women, It's all myth that their suffereing or in cage due to islamic laws. No other religion had offered so much to women.

If advertising is not about lying, then why it is full of lie and scam material.

I am a muslim girl, only 2 yrs old in advertising, working in one of the World's Top class agency as an Art Director, quite successful in keeping balance between job, religion, family & world.

Hope my answer is enough to convince those who have doubts, If not May GOD bless u.

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Shamail Khadija
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I mean there are NO female Imam but it's a great honour to be a mother to Imam. (3rd paragraph) sorry for the mistake.

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love it

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