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What the F*** is peanut power? Snickers is using that exact slogan.

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Bundy Agency
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i thought they were using "get some nuts" almost everywhere to replace the "really satisfys"

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Very cool! Though I'm trying to think whether I would have gotten that when I was a kid.

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Nahhh. Shoud I come to the swings and say… Ohhh!!, this is what happens when I eat this? C'mon!


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no no no.. might need to hire a person to explain the idea to people that visit the park.

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Even an adult will have to give number of thought to understand what exactly would have happened :(

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Way to piss off children and parents by making one of the swings unusable. Fail.

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Balaji Sarma
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good idea but not executed properly

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i would have loved it if it was only for kids.........

love anything creative

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The whole idea is that peanutbutter gives you superhuman ability?



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One less swing for kids and parents to make use of.'s picture
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Come on guys, it's not that difficult. The peanut butter gives energy. I love the media placement and I would give this a thumbs up. I get it instantly and I'm from Kentucky.

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