Billboard: Fan check machine

Not every music fan reads Billboard Magazine, but every music fan has music on their phone, so we created a magazine dispenser that gives away a free magazine if you prove you are a fan of the artist on the cover of Billboard Magazine. How? Using your phone. If you’re a fan of the artist on our cover, plug your iPhone into the Fan Check Machine and let it analyze your music library (NO APP NEEDED). If the machine finds more than 20 songs by the artist on the cover of Billboard, you get the magazine for free.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Brazil
Creative Vice President: Anselmo Ramos
Executive Creative Director: Roberto Fernandez
Creative Director: Guiga Giacomo
Art Director: Guiga Giacomo
Copywriter: Brux


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ok, not great

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Nice. At the same time, the machine takes all of your personal info.

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Overall, this was a nice effort. They found a simple way to push their product and, possibly, attract new consumers. I hope the copy is large enough to be seen from far away though. Privacy issues might turn some consumers away. Finally, there is nothing really groundbreaking about this promotional scheme.

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Solid idea.

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I like it!!!

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simple and nice. but i'd use this as a free iPhone charger~~~

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