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Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
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Made me think football not tennis.

Like the use of the billboard tho. nice.


Doin' it for the points

A. J. SMITH's picture
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I don't like it much.

Just looks like its fallen down.

Good effort though with a different approach.


morph's picture
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Estoril is the name of a little city near Lisbon and Estoril Open is the main tennis event here in Portugal.

The use of billboard is nice, certainly stands out from the 'crowd' but I think they should have used the concept with a photograph with the tennis players point of view. It wouldn't leave room for any misunderstanding.

Beatboxer's picture
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Yes, Morph is right. Estoril Open is THE tennis event around here.

I think this ideia is quite good, and stands out for its difference.

Morph, usar a perspectiva do jogador? Este anúncio é bom precisamente porque usa essa perspectiva. O cartaz é suposto ser uma parede de treino, daí o facto de estar em baixo, só com a linha. Acho genial!

morph's picture
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@Beatboxer: So that's what it is. I was struggling with that bit. I need to play some more tennis, i guess. The idea I have of a practice court wall has a bunch of logos on it, either the event logo or some other brand.
Since the event is for people who actually play tennis I guess they won't have the same problem I did figuring it out.

Respondi em inglês para todos perceberem ;) abç

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tennis? ah ok... Estoril isn't more famous for its car races? That's maybe why I didn't get it...

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no it actually is perfect bc when you play alone you play against a wall, with a white line and a dark green background just to practice! this ad is perfect for tennis players!! love it!

Spanky's picture
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i want to like it. but i don't. i play tennis and i'm still not quite sure exactly what they're trying to say. also, it feels photoshopped to me. compare the color of the poles coming from the top of the board to the color of the poles on the other two boards. that and the perspective/scale feels slightly off. i think it's fake.

AlphaHawk's picture
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Its poorly communicated what it is, although being a tennis badass I understood what it was. The placement seems dumb. Encouraging people to play in the road is idiotic. Hence why this is spec work. If you did it for real do it in a park or in a parking lot.

Rog's picture
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Cheeky billboard use... like it.
but lacks an idea to connect the brand with the event.

Alpha, mate. You are not serious about the 'play in the road' are you?
Give them more credit.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

AlphaHawk's picture
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I think I may not have said that right: I like this idea a lot. But the way it's presented makes me wonder why its next to a road. If was next to a parking lot I might go back to my car and grab a racket.

Rog's picture
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Billboards tend to thrive next to roads, mate.
This one's telling us about a tennis tournament... not inviting us to have a hit up.
I think we're on diferent wave lengths, Alpha. ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

mauritano's picture
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If you're actually serious about the placement of the billboard, I suggest you DO go back to your car and get your racket. Then try hitting yourself in the head with it to see if it starts working properly.

AlphaHawk's picture
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This billboard, to me, is representing the "hit walls" at tennis facilities. So you can practice without a partner (the line in the middle is suppose to be the net). Sooo... having it next to a road is odd. If thats not what it is then I dont like the idea. Someone tell me what this is then?

rleite's picture
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Maybe locally, the people of Estoril could understand immediatly, but for non-tennis freaks like me, looked senseless at first...

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