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34 pencils

What the hell! So stupid idea.

What the Hell2's picture
What the Hell2
25 pencils

great comment! lol

Kateter's picture
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*first we make you feel good cause you (finally) get some money but than we smacked on your nose with lame proposition to go fishing?*
now that's a USP!

noooooooooooooooo way...

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Flora A.
8 pencils

No compreendo! Tengo que cambiar esta plata por pescados? esta es la realidad de la publicidad en brasil! :-(

Syd's picture
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This would piss me right-the-hell OFF.

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Herman V
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It works. Sorry, Syd. I think that's the idea. Got nervous? Go fishing.

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Fish you!

Turibio's picture
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Que boooooooooooooooooosta!!!!!!! Idiotice. Coisa de São Paulino.

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Drew Ovard
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I think it's missing one step. Like explaining that the fake money is there to MAKE you mad, and then the other side of it is there for you to relax. It would be like hitting someone in the head an then handing out Aspirin - not effective to say the least.

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Aggravated? So go F**K yourself. hahaha. I guess the creative got soo idiotic.

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Danilo Maia
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You all guys dont understand because its a brazilian expression.

It doesnt mean anithing especial, its just kind of a slogan for fishing.

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Bernbach B
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Brazilian or whatever, this is solid crap. That's brazilian advertising going downhill! And the layout...what the hell is that?

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Sir Muddy Waters
18 pencils

I pay a one hundred billy to every man who kicks those creatives heads. Where are your brains, friendos?

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What could justify the littering and the lies?

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