May 2007


Advertising Agency: Contract Advertising, Thailand

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Good use of media. But I don´t all women want is to stay in shape for men. That´s what men want.

Swissy's picture
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Agreed. I think some women would be offended by this one as nice as the idea is. Perhaps a different line with a different motivation that's not so negative.

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Hey buddy, I've been to your site by clicking on the link. Congrats on your work. Pretty good stuff. The ad fot Noite Seing is speacially good, in my opinion. So as the campaign for Husqvarna.

You should upload some things for people to see. Best Luck. Que Deus te abenoe!

Hey guys, even if you don't speak portuguese, it's worth visiting. Some ads are just visual.
In God I trust

theanc's picture
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Thanks man! I´ll make translations later. =)

klaussnow's picture
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all you ladies better stay in shape, while the men become big lards.

... its already been done...

k-rocka's picture
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Progressive thinking women may want to be in shape for their own personal satisfaction, but I think for this target audience, it's the young girls who want to attract men. Not saying it's right...

bloomix's picture
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might be effective if it was for fake tan!

Mr Hughes's picture
Mr Hughes
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That's true.

carolg88's picture
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i thought it was an ad for a tanning lotion or something like that. that's a poor campaign.

ellehcimeo's picture
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This is equally insulting to both men and women. Its saying, to me anyways, men don't have brains and are only led by bodies, and that women need to constantly think about staying skinny or no man will love them.

I have the ultimate solution, how about I don't buy ANY Yogen Fruz and eat fruits and veggies and a balanced diet and concentrate on being healthy rather than being skinny.

ellehcimeo: 1
Yogen Fruz: 0

BozzaNova's picture
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admit the reality!!!!

lot of gals keep their bodies fit to attract boys.
on the other hand, lot of boys keep their bodies fit to attract gals as well.
the outlook is always first impression... isn't it?


ellehcimeo's picture
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Perception is reality. If that's your perception then that's your reality. Not mine.

Are we really expected to believe that this yogurt desert will help us stay slim and fit? Now who's fooling themselves.

I'm attracted by mannerism, wit and intelligence. Give me brains over braun any day. Guess it doesn't hurt that I'm already super fine and married. ;)

gabrielrodz's picture
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The hipocrisy.

Feminism has gone too far. Although I DO think the ad is offensive, and stupid, and shallow. But, it is only stupid because there are so many people that are self-conscious and unhappy that we've been led to feel sorry for them and think that it's bad to undermine them for not wanting to excercise or stop eating trash. I think that if you want to sit on the couch and eat junk all day it's a decision you shouldn't be sorry about. Neither should we feel sorry about them, I think it's more offensive to feel sorry.

Damn are we all a bunch of hypocrites.

ellehcimeo's picture
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I don't get where you are going with this at all. First you mention Feminism, then you are going on about feeling sorry for people who sit around and eat junk. I'm not getting the correlation to hypocrisy, or to feminism.

raverus's picture
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not that bad...

Rog's picture
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Interesting use of media...
but, those lines just don't click for me.
The second isn't quite on the money. The first just sucks.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

gabrielrodz's picture
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A tanning ad would be better.

Mr Hughes's picture
Mr Hughes
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It's pretty funny.

shanm's picture
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great a department store entrance.

jacaranda's picture
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Bad copy! Bad, bad and oh yes; bad! Honestly: " it's not the bikini men are looking at!"- did you people think about this for more than 2 seconds??? Even worse...."good men are rare"- you don't say?

jacaranda's picture
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Oh yes by the way....your pole is not fat...just really out of shape! Don't think fat free or whatever kind of yogurt is going to get it into shape, only a good gym or a good surgeon can!

morrelhasideas's picture
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ha ha ha clever and very sad for the fat ladies

DilipRevar's picture
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Good one

juddis111's picture
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Well, I wouldn't put my bet on these messages. In fact, I wouldn't eat frozen yogurt just to attract "good" men, I'd eat it because I like it and because it helps me stay in shape so it helps me be more confident about myself. That's all I need, looking for a man's approval about your body is really not worth the effort.

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